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I am finished with finals and I can draw whatever I want again. Apparently, my classmates liked Kon out of all my characters in my pop-up book, even though my Kon pop-up was the second worst of the bunch. I guess everyone likes pot heads.

So, I haven’t posted anything for awhile now. But today I got the time to be able to draw on my computer once again. It has been awhile and I am use to drawing in my sketchbooks. Thanks to Nargyle, I have been practicing more on poses and working on drawing hands and bodies. My style has turned more into a geometric style more than ever now and I have been implementing heavier lines. Also thanks to Nargyle, I have been thinking about my own story and thought I should shift it around a bit since my old one was a bit unstable. 

I was gonna shade this pic, but I am losing sleep.

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